New York
  Dolan Investigations has two locations in the New
  York metropolitan area, with offices in Manhattan and
  Westchester County.

  Our services concentrate on the investigation of
  professional liability and insurance related matters, normally

with incidents having a New York locus. Our assignments
  run the full gamut of investigative support, including the
  investigation of litigants and claimants, record gathering
  and background profiles, locating and interviewing witnesses,
  accident scene investigations, verifying the credentials of
  adverse expert witnesses, trial preparation, as well as
providing testimony as to the results of our inquiries.
  Our extensive experience in the conducting of these
  defense oriented investigations has provided us with an
  impressive list of sources of information, as well as contacts
  with colleagues throughout the United States who are
  recognized in the industry for their expertise. Our success
  can be attributed to the exploitation of these resources, the
  use of proven technology, and old fashioned investigative

Please note that Dolan Investigations does not conduct criminal or domestic matter investigations.

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